Sportsmanship Quiz

Are You A Hi-5 Sport?

Great sportsmanship comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It could be found in a smile, thumbs up or a simple applause. On the tennis court in doubles, it varies from an enthusiastic Hi-5 jump in the air, to a Bryan brothers signature chest bump to a gentle racket Hi-5. No matter the gesture, you know good sportsmanship when you see it.

This Hi-5 Sportsmanship recognition program is designed promote positive behavior, words and gestures in the Southern California Tennis Association. We are on the hunt for moments of great sportsmanship in tennis for all ages, levels and events. So show us your best and you never know when you will be recognized as a great Hi-5 Sport in So Cal Tennis!

Are You Ready To Take The Hi-5 Sportsmanship QUIZ?

What is good sportsmanship?  Can you describe it?  Do you know it when you see it?  When is the last time you complimented a "good sport"?  When did you last point out to a "bad sport" their behavior was not acceptable?

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